Pianist and educator based in Colchester, Essex.

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Dylan has established himself as a pianist and music educator in Colchester providing piano lessons, workshops and concert-performance opportunities to aspirant musicians young and old.

“”I have been teaching and performing music since 2004; it is my passion and lifelong pursuit …

~ Dylan Christopher, 2012

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A lifelong pursuit of learning and growth.

Educations Image 2016
London College of Music
ALCM: Piano Performance

Educations Image 2015
London College of Music
DipLCM: Piano Performance

Educations Image 2014
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
DipABRSM: Piano Performance

Educations Image 2013
Trinity College London
ATCL: Piano Performance

Educations Image 2011
University of Essex (Colchester Institute: CMPA)

Educations Image 2010
University of Essex (Colchester Institute: CMPA)
BA (Hons) Music | Major: Performance


Over ten-years of one-to-one teaching experience.

From a young age Dylan has been passionate about music and has dedicated his life to sharing it with others.

Primarily focusing on the teaching of classical-piano 'beginner-method', lessons with Dylan give the crucial foundations for musical success.

Lessons are taught from Dylan's residence in Colchester with a comprehensive method constantly revised to meet the needs of his students and current standards.

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Projects and recordings with Dylan as pianist.


Performances by Dylan and his students.


Articles about music performance and teaching.

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